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For the information of those who haven’t come across the term cluster: cluster is a group of regionally connected companies and affiliated institutions and organizations. It is an alliance of the entrepreneur sphere with the area of the education, concerned with the increase of the competitiveness, innovation and the strengthening of the export ability of the members of the cluster. Due to the cooperation they receive competition advantages, they would have otherwise hardly achieved.

By the mid-September the project of the second stage of the foundation and development of the Construction Cluster in Ostrava is to be presented. "We have 30 members," the chairman of the Executive Board and the manager of the Cluster Antonín Laš said; for the foundation of a cluster at least fifteen members are needed. "If we fulfill all the conditions and the application is approved, the cluster could in the coming years draw the European means set for the years 2007to 2013."

The main target of the association is to provide for its members, i.e. construction companies, banks, housing cooperatives, owners’ partnerships, towns and municipalities and other entities complete information and service connected with the preparation and execution of projects beginning with the services connected with the preparation of a construction and finding the financial resources through the execution and safeguarding the quality of the construction work.