Chairman of the Judging Panel, Akad. arch. Petr Kovář presented the main price to Ing. arch. Zbyněk Ryška for the project Re-design of Svobody square in Přerov.

The author partners Ing. arch. Katarína Luciaková and Ing. arch. Ludvík Křenek accepted HOCHTIEF CZ Price – Space for Living from the hands of Chairman of the Executive Board and General Director of HOCHTIEF CZ, the joint stock company, Tomáš Bílek, for their project Re-design of the embankment in town of Třešť’s preservation area. "We have two main reason to support particularly this competition," Tomáš Bílek said. "The first is some amount of philanthropy, which is important and necessary for us – architecture is a very close field to construction. The second reason is the fact that the Petr Parléř Award competition is a certain healing process for us. We execute numerous projects we can’t influence much. That is why we put our hopes in the young promising architects, because we wish they brought in new ideas and interesting projects. "

The authors of the design Revitalization of Mírové square in Horažďovice, Martin Kožnar and Petr Kolář accepted the Price of company Stavby silnic a železnic for their contribution to urban architecture.

With that, the fourth year of the competition was finally closed.

The fifth year will be announced on February 1st and will see some changes. The promoters will address with the announcement also Prague’s municipal parts. Another news will be the requirement for the representatives of the city parts to defend their design in front of the jury, to give an opportunity to possible imperfections in their vision to arise and be corrected.