The project is deemed of great importance as it is closely related to the recently opened car factory for Toyota, Peugeot and Citroën passenger cars. This has created job opportunities for 3,000 employees, for whom the town of Kolín pledged to ensure the construction of new flats. HOCHTIEF VSB, Division 8, Prague-east branch, has been charged with the construction, under the leadership of a project team headed by Mr. Jaroslav Jakubec. Building work will be completed within 10 months, in August 2006.
In regard to the relatively short construction period, HOCHTIEF VSB and the GEOSAN GROUP set upon utilising time saving technologies. The architects of the project proposed that prefabricated components be used in order to enable construction work to continue even during the winter.

Eleven five-storey buildings will house completed apartments ranging in size from 1+1 (1 room plus a kitchen) to 3+1 (3 rooms plus a kitchen). Exterior walls will be painted in pastel shades - light-blue, ivory, beige and brick-red. Approximately 5% of the flats are to feature disabled access and all buildings will have access ramps. Ground floors will naturally have laundry drying rooms and rooms for prams and bikes, as well as storage spaces for each flat.

Children’s playgrounds and rest and recreation facilities for new residents are to be incorporated in the immediate vicinity of the apartment buildings, in harmony with the natural green surroundings. Landscaping of the urban areas and streets is also envisaged. At the request of the municipality of Kolín, and based on the present access road scheme, additional parking spaces and pavements have been proposed in front of the buildings.

The project will be carried out at the same time as the construction of the technical infrastructure, which is to be provided by GEOSAN GROUP joint-stock company.