The foundations of the stadium had to be constructed first, consisting of 603 piles, 443 of which will bear the pre-cast reinforced structure of the stands, and 160 the monolithic structure of the stadium. The construction of the foundations began in November last year and currently most of them are finished, including the construction of reinforced concrete ground beams. The piles are reaching the depth of 19 meters and their quality is being checked by ultrasonic and acoustic reflexion method. With this method it is possible to exactly determine the quality and the position of the concrete.

January saw the start of the preparation works before the assembly of the pre-cast reinforced concrete structures, which will run till the end of June. Currently the assembly of the ceiling slabs and the stands beams in the 1st underground floor for the eastern and southern stands continues. In the north part of the arena the excavation works are being done.

In the near future the preparation of laying of the sewers under the base slab, delivery and assembly of the insulation of the substructure, assembly of the monolithic reinforced concrete part of the stadium in the expected volume of 6 500 m³ (the volume consists of pillars, walls, ceilings, beams, staircases, foundations and the supporting walls of the stands) will be started. The general contractor is also preparing the delivery and the assembly of the steel structure of the roof for the stands with the expected weight of 1300 tons.

Additional data about the construction:
- The first installed pillar, located in the north east part of the stadium, is 3 meters high and weighs 2 tons.
- Approximately 4.400 m3 of the concrete was used for the pile foundation.
- The length of the piles varies between 3 to 19 meters.
- The total length of all piles in the complex is 6,82 km.
- The total area of horizontal damp insulation for the concrete base will be circa 6 000 m2.
-The total area of horizontal damp insulation for the firmed field with the aggregate bed will be circa 6 000 m².
- The area of the vertical damp insulation will be circa 3 100 m2.