The complete set of contractual agreements relating to the above mentioned project was signed on January 19th, this year. The project is expected to start during the first term of 2006, depending on the acquisition of the construction permit, and the finalization is planned for 2009. The project will require an investment of 8.9 billion CZK.

The ring route will include a steel bridge over the Lochkovské Valley - behind the Radotín cement factory, two parallel tunnel tubes with the length of 1.5 km - three-lane ascending and two lane descending, a two kilometer long flyover bridge over the Berounka Valley and a large interchange crossroad with Strakonická slip road.

The mentioned project represents the entry into the segment of traffic construction in the Czech Republic for the construction company HOCHTIEF VBS, which has its strong position on the Czech construction market especially in the segment of civil, institutional and administrative projects, industrial, line, environmental and water management projects and in the segment of development.