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The joint stock company HOCHTIEF CZ will have their display no. 85 in pavilion V, in the neighborhood of companies Skanska and TCHAS. Our stall this year will have two levels. Hostesses will take care of the visitors on the ground floor, where is also situated one meeting room for meeting interesting guests. In the upper floor there will be so called Good mood zone. The space here is designed as a living room with possibility to watch the satellite TV with refreshment and care from Japanese chefs. The table football as a feel good and relaxation tool will be sure to find its patrons.

While the ground floor is intended for the chance visitors, the first will provide a peaceful atmosphere for the divisional management during their presentation days for their guests. They can meet up with them also in the two meeting rooms on the first floor of the stall according to the following program:
Tuesday 17. 4. – Traffic Infrastructure Division,
Wednesday 18. 4. – Division Bohemia and Interma,
Thursday 19. 4. - Division Prague, Division Service,
Friday 20. 4. - Division Property Development,
Saturday 21. 4. - Division Moravia.

At the stall each of the visitors will get information about focus and activities of the joint stock company HOCHTIEF CZ and its divisions. They will obtain number of presentation material and they can ask about any other data connected with the company activities.

For the duration of the fair the visitors will taste some sushi, for which they will be given an expert commentary. They will find out the difference between various types of sushi, how it is made, how to prepare it at home, what ingredients to use and who supplies them to our market. The joint stock company HOCHTIEF CZ wants to offer a quality culinary experience, comparable with the quality of the construction proposal and its consecutive execution. "The concept of the stall is very "clean" this year – functionalistic, strong, but simple, well arranged and accessible. Sushi bares many similarities," told us Jana Härtlová-Dušková, manager of the department of external relations, who was in charge of the concept of the stall. "Its flavor is, comparing to other distinctive cuisines, simple, but offers many variations. It is healthy, good quality food and in our interpretation accessible for all. Just like the stall is different this year, also sushi will be something new for many. And the experienced ones? Hopefully we’ll please them."

Do come and see the display of our company in Brno.