As was the case during previous seasons, also this year HOCHTIEF VSB has prepared in cooperation with the Trade Union organization a summer camp for employees’ children. Velké Skaliny in Southern Bohemia between Kaplice and Benešov nad Černou will host four fourteen day runs of 344 children in total. Camp games will test children’s knowledge as well as physical endurance. They will go prospecting for gold, take part in an expedition to planet Praxis or experience a thrilling voyage on the Nile in order to become familiar with history and customs of ancient Egyptians. One of the most interesting events will be “Summer Christmas” with morning snowball fight, sledging, Christmas tree decorating and preparation of presents. Naturally, Santa will bring some presents too.

Another event that HOCHTIEF VSB is preparing for its employees, are summer sports games. These are traditionally taking place in Horní Bradlo, with teams of our company, Interma and Gefos competing against one another. One weekend in September will provide them with the opportunity to test their skills in volleyball, net soccer, petanque, air rifle shooting and cross-county relay.

Care for employees is an important part of company strategy. Proficient and satisfied employee is one of the tools for the strengthening and improving the position of HOCHTIEF VSB on the market and not only there.