There are roughly 1,600 people living in Sedlec – Prčice at the moment and the capacity and technical standard of the local waste water treatment plant is not sufficient anymore. It was built in 1995 as a discontinuously operating mechanical and biological treatment plant - nowadays many machines and technologies are defective and building structures must be urgently reconstructed.

The total cost of the project amounts to CZK 70 million and 75% is financed by the European Union’s Fund for Reduction of Economic and Social Imbalances between regions within the EU, State Environmental Fund contributes 10% and the town of Sedlec- Prčice, the project investor, contributes 15%.

The project contractor is represented by a joint venture consisting of HOCHTIEF VSB as the joint venture project leader and of AQUACONSTAV a.s. Benešov as the joint venture project member. Our Division 1 under the management of Mr. Vladimír Kaluža carries out two project stages out of the total of three. The project should be handed over to the investor by the end of July this year, followed by a trial run of the waste water treatment plant next year.

The project also includes the sewage system reconstruction – there is a uniform system built in Sedlec. Some sections have been built recently and both their execution and technical standard fully meet the requirements. Other sewers are not suitable to safely carry away the sewage and therefore must be replaced by the new ones. A similar situation also exists in Prčice, a detached sewage system is going to be built here and the sewage carried away to the waste water treatment plant in Sedlec. The plant there will provide the complete disposal of all waste water.