Helping Ukraine

We are not indifferent to the humanitarian crisis and human misery that is taking place just a few hundred kilometres from our borders. All the more so because among our colleagues there are many Ukrainian citizens whose families may face direct threats.

We have therefore decided to help the families of our Ukrainian employees to come to the Czech Republic. At the moment, seven families have managed to get safely to Ostrava and more will probably follow. 

As a first step, our company will pay for their accommodation for three months and will provide advice and support in dealing with residence, health insurance, schooling for children and professional psychotherapeutic care. 

We have had several employee fundraisers in which we have shown that we are not indifferent to the fate of others. That is why we have decided to activate our fundraising again. You can send your donations to our transparent account no. 2991626002/5500 until mid-March. We will then decide on the specific way of using the resulting amount, which will primarily be directed to help the families of our colleagues.